“3 Key Points About Social Media Post-Pandemic You Must Know!”


We’ve been talking about ‘social media’ and social networks for a little over a decade now, but it took a pandemic that put the world in quarantine for many to feel the pressure to learn how to manage their brand online.

Now we pay attention to terms like ‘prosumer,’ ‘ROI’ (Return on Investment), and ‘search engine,’ tools that a couple of years ago we believed were exclusive to digital marketers or entrepreneurs of the future. Well, the future is already here.

The New Normal

The world is undergoing a global vaccination process, but we are far from things going back to how they were before 2020. It has been a very hard blow for the traditional economy; however, there were many winners post-pandemic, like Jeff Bezos, the genius behind Amazon, who in 2020 became the richest man in the world, or Netflix, which increased its subscribers by 57% during lockdown, as reported by the BBC.

We learned to buy everything online, new social networks were born, our grandparents became experts on the subject, we attended parties and concerts without leaving home, and we even accessed romantic relationships online… well, we were already doing that.

In July 2020, Google, one of the most important technology companies in the world, announced that they would not return to in-person work as remote work was yielding excellent results. You don’t need to be a technology giant to reach the same conclusion.

All these factors lead us to the same conclusion: It has never been more imperative to be at the forefront of technology. At Tank, as part of our work advising brands and companies, we wanted to highlight three key points that should not be lost sight of in 2021 and early 2022..

  1. Secure Your Investment

We’re talking about the internet and social media, where all results are measurable, and objectives must be specific. If your brand or business is already at the point of investing in marketing, ensure that the ROI is optimal and translates into the results you are seeking.

Here are some tips:

  • Use all your channels to communicate. The world is translated into screens, and your brand must express itself through all of them. Let your audience speak for you; we are in an era where User-Generated Content (UGC) predominates, arousing interest and building trust.
  • Don’t sell, inspire. Use channels like Instagram or Pinterest correctly, create a bond, reinforce the aspirational aspect of your target audience. This will exponentially increase the desire to purchase.
  • Identify those influencers who have everything to do with your brand, work with them, generate valuable content, and see how trust in your company increases. Still, remember that they do not fit into every strategy.
  • Engage in conversation. Talk to your audience, answer their questions, clarify their doubts, and turn feedback into ideas.
  1. Listen

The best thing brands can do is listen instead of talking. The spotlight belongs to the audience, which is why more and more influencers emerge every day. Continuing to express yourself like a Coca-Cola ad from the 60s will only make your brand taken for granted.

Here are some tips:

  • During your segmentation, do not disregard user groups with low interaction (one or fewer interactions within a 30-day range); omitting them is a common mistake when implementing your campaigns, and you should consider that they are also observing the trends. They may not share your content, but they may consume it.
  • Use searches as a means to reach your target audiences. You could discover allied brands and tastes of your audience that you did not necessarily consider when creating your content strategy.
  • Replace more expensive content with UGC. Remember: “The spotlight belongs to the audience,” and if you know how to use it, the results will be optimal.
  1. Be Inclusive

“Facebook became for uncles and grandparents.” Yes, it’s a millennial joke, but it’s also a powerful statement. If before the pandemic we understood that the Baby Boomers generation was spending more and more time on social networks, now they are experts, and some have even become influencers.

What does that have to do with my brand? Well, an entire generation, which is not at all what you thought, is now seeing your content. What are you telling them?

Here are some tips:

  • Create friendly content for them. If an entire generation of older adults is actively participating in social networks, it’s because they seek to be ‘part of’; include them and offer them interesting content.
  • Don’t just segment them by age; look for their tastes and interests. That’s where you’ll succeed in communicating with them.

If you use these tips correctly within your marketing plan, it is certain that the results will be positive. Seek advice, complete the exercise, and cover all fronts of your brand with results-oriented communication. If you need support or guidance to perform better in these fields, don’t hesitate to contact us; we are fans of solving problems, and helping you with your brand’s problems will be a pleasure for us.

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