TANK in 2020: 5 Success Stories That Demonstrated Our Resilience


In times of isolation, we believe that both digital and traditional communication played a crucial role in staying close to people and conveying relevant and trustworthy information. For this reason, we learned to see opportunities amid the crisis, which led us to achieve incredible accomplishments for each of the brands and companies we advised.

This is just a sample of some of the success stories from 2020 that showed us we are ready to face any challenge. Because the most important thing for our agency during this period is to learn to adapt and provide innovative solutions.

  1. We soared high with Cartagena Airport

Alongside SACSA, we achieved a milestone when, after the closure of airport terminals, Rafael Núñez International Airport had the first commercial international flight in the country. This achievement received coverage in major national media and reached 234,490 people on social media during the month of reactivation.

Photo courtesy of Rafael Núñez International Airport.

Creamos un análisis que logró demostrar que Cartagena estaba lista para reactivar sus operaciones aéreas.

  1. We took solidarity to another level with Menú Solidario.

We positioned the “Menú Solidario” initiative to increase the percentage of donations through key partnerships. We kept the initiative alive, achieving 72% organic growth on its social media in four months and reaching over 4 million people through traditional media.

Photo by Andrés Quilaguy.

Learn about the ‘Solidarity Menu’ initiative and help those in need without leaving home.

  1. We digitized Plaza de la Perseverancia.

We understood the importance of technology and communications in the midst of the Covid-19 situation, and we facilitated Plaza de la Perseverancia’s transition to digital on the Rappi platform. This enabled seven local cuisine restaurants to adapt to the new normal, contributing to the economic recovery of our country. The initiative received coverage from national and international media outlets such as RCN, Caracol Radio, and Telemundo Noticias.

Photo by Andrés Quilaguy.

Restaurants from La Perseverancia market square are now available through Rappi.

  1. Trabajamos junto a la Arena más grande de Latinoamérica

At the beginning of the pandemic and its economic effects in our country, we carried out excellent management with our client Arena Bogotá, successfully facilitating a large donation of groceries from entrepreneur Henry Cárdenas and singer and actor Mark Anthony to the most needy neighborhoods in Suba and Cota.

Additionally, we managed the first concert at the Arena to celebrate the closing of the roof, where we had the attendance of former participant of The Voice Kids “La Carranguerita”, Felipe Buitrago, currently Minister of Culture, and Amalia de Pombo, Director of Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

Amalia de Pombo, Director of Arts at the Ministry of Culture; Felipe Buitrago, current Minister of Culture; Julieth Pesca Guaida, “La Carranguerita”; Miguel Caballero, General Director of Arena Bogotá; and Mauricio Ferro, CEO of Tank.

This is how the construction of Arena Bogotá is progressing.

  1. At Tank, we don’t stop.

According to a study by the International Monetary Fund, Colombia’s economic development decreased by 8% in 2020. Despite this, we experienced an 82% growth, generated new jobs, and provided a performance bonus to 100% of our employees.

Additionally, we launched the Colombia Cares Colombia initiative, achieving cohesion against the effects of the pandemic from 400 companies, 52 artists, and 80 non-profit organizations.

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