Spokespersonship and Crisis Management

Welcome to Tank’s exceptional spokesperson training and challenge management program!

In our public relations consultancy, we excel in offering a spokesperson training service backed by proven techniques and tools honed over more than 1,500 real interviews. We also provide specialized training in crisis management for companies, governments, and organizations.

What do we offer?

1. Tools for brand positioning

At Tank, we specialize in effectively positioning brands through a strategic approach aimed at creating a lasting presence in the minds of consumers. We anticipate and mitigate potential risks that could affect corporate reputation, acting as a protective shield in challenging situations. With solid and proactive strategies, we build strong brands that enhance the resilience and longevity of corporate reputation.

2. Phases of reputational crisis management

In the initial phases of our business strategy, we immerse ourselves in a detailed exploration, identifying areas potentially vulnerable through the analysis of operational and circumstantial risks. We move towards operational improvement, balancing creativity and precision in mapping options to strengthen and optimize while establishing response protocols for future challenges. We reach the climax of strategic positioning, evaluating current perception and designing a desired vision, implementing actions that consolidate our perceptual presence. Each step represents progress towards success, with meticulously designed strategies to ensure a noticeable, valued, and memorable presence.

3. Key tips

In times of crisis, our management and communication strategy becomes crucial. We uphold the principles of a unified and clear voice, constant truthfulness, and a balance between rationality and empathy. These values ​​guide us towards an effective response, acting with agility and composure in the face of adversity.

Acting with agility and without panic

When signs of difficulties arise, we act with agility and avoid impulsive reactions, following an expert mindset and adapting our strategy with determination. In critical situations, maintaining serenity becomes essential to overcome challenging moments. Our ability to manage the situation calmly and resolutely is crucial amid uncertainty.

Speaking with a unified voice

In the face of challenges or complicated situations, we strive for unity in our messages, coordinating our actions to ensure a consistent and clear response, even in moments of uncertainty. We maintain a unified and resolute approach in our communications to convey resilience and strength, ensuring that our message remains coherent and solid.

Consistency in truthfulness

In this challenging environment, consistency is key. At Tank, we value integrity as a fundamental pillar. Our narrative is always truthful, without distortions or half-truths, and stands as the foundation of our strength.

Communication with common sense and appropriate emotions

We communicate with logic and rationality, weaving a network of connections that surpasses uncertainty. Without forgetting humanity on the journey, we convey appropriate emotions. At Tank, empathy becomes our map, providing understanding and closeness.

In this narrative of containment and dissemination, each step is a strategy between agility, clarity, consistency, and empathy. Our tools convey confidence and solidity.

4. Communication Strategies

Our strategies act as a navigation system guiding decisions, anticipating and preparing us for challenging situations. We regularly review our strategies to stay one step ahead of potential setbacks, planning and anticipating unfavorable scenarios, identifying vulnerable areas, and establishing strategies to address the unexpected. Each decision is a key piece in our preparation, ready to be used in emergency situations. In Tank, flexibility is essential; we focus on prevention, managing issues before they escalate, becoming experts in anticipation.

Our communication strategies are based on andragogy and mnemonics, using specific educational methods for adults and memory techniques. We have developed this style through over 1500 interviews and have trained over 5,000 C-level individuals in this approach. These strategies strengthen our resilience and allow us to handle issues before they become emergencies. Here, we find strength in anticipation and wisdom in constant adaptation.

5. Techniques

In the atmosphere of crisis management, we deploy a master strategy that unfolds in three acts: prevention, containment, and foresight.


At Tank, our strategy becomes a preventive shield, built with foresight. We identify warning signs, analyze potential risks, and implement preventive measures. Each action taken is a pillar to construct a wall against imminent risks.


In this act, we unveil what we do to halt the risks, involving an immediate response. We become communication firefighters to extinguish the fire before it spreads. Every word and action is a coordinated effort to contain and control the situation.


Finally, we delve into our strategies to anticipate future setbacks. This act involves a proactive approach towards tomorrow. We reflect on lessons learned, adjusting policies and procedures, creating a solid framework to prevent dangers from resurfacing. Decisions are an investment in building a robust and resilient future.

In this approach, we handle corporate risks, and each stage is a key piece of a puzzle. We want our strategy to be a coordinated team, where prevention, detection, and forecasting work together to anticipate and control issues. At Tank, our story transcends continuous challenges, with the experience of facing crises and the determination to build a more robust future.

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